SCA Known World Commedia Symposium 2018 – first one ever!


September 20-23, 2018 hosted by the Shire of Ballachlagan in the kingdom of  Æthelmearc!

This event welcomes all SCA activities that recreate the 16th century Italian culture that brought commedia dell’ arte to life!

Site: Tomlinson Run State Park in New Manchester, WV   MAP LINK

Adult Event registration $15.00/Adult member discount registration $10.00.
Saturday Night Feast: $10.00
Cabin space $2.00

Sending in your reservation:
Reservations Clerk is Pantalone, and he’s doing things Old School. Attendees must send in paper checks and paper notes to make a reservation.

Pantalone is played by THL Ælric Ravenshaw/ Mr. Russ Schultz at 107 N. 10th St Wheeling, WV. 26003. Please send a check (Make checks payable to “SCA West Virginia Inc, Shire of Ballachlagan”)
to him with a written note on clean paper including the following information:
— Names of each person you’re paying for, both SCA and modern names
— If payment includes Saturday feast, and if so for how many people.
— If payment includes cabin space, and if so for how many people. If you are reserving cabin space, include in this note any other event attendees you want to sleep with. I mean bunk with. I mean be assigned to the same cabin with.
— Your email address so Pantalone can email you a confirmation that he received your money.
If you would like to ensure that your check and letter do not go astray as if Arlecchino were bringing in Pantalone’s mail, it is strongly suggested that you email Pantalone directly via archais AT msn DOT com to ensure he can email you back a confirmation of reciept. If Franceschina has to type in your email address, she’ll be complaining all night long.

Dottore Googliano has written up the following forms for sign ups:
1) Class signups for those wanting to teach classes in the remaining time blocks:
2) Sign ups for show times (4 remaining)
3) Sign up for playing a tiny role in the 5 minute honoring of Luceta di Cosimo’s upcoming elevation to Laurel for lots of excellent research including a speciality in Commedia dell’ Arte.
4) Musicians for playing music for dancing: (Dancing set list will be published by September 9)

What to expect for food:
The Head Cook, Burratino, will be played by THL Garreth Whytebull. He will provide a light dinner in form of a stew on Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, he will provide lunch in form of a dayboard for all attendees. A hat for voluntary donations will be available for those who wish to help him defray the costs of Friday’s stew and Saturday’s dayboard.

*** Rumors of the lunch/day board on Saturday being cancelled are UNTRUE! Arlecchino ate all Burratino’s stores set aside for the Saturday lunch, but as a good Innkeeper, he’s found other resources and will INDEED be setting up a light lunch-dayboard on Sataurday! Thanks Burratino (Garreth)!  Please be sure to donate some cash in the hat towards the expenses for the lunch.

Saturday night’s feast requires a $10 ticket paid in advance to Pantalone. Food allergy concerns should be emailed directly to Garreth via garrethbrisbane69 AT yahoo DOT com
Breakfast and snacks should be brought to site by each attendee per personal preference. The event staff has promised hot water, tea, and coffee will be available in the morning at the feast hall. Hell hath no fury like that of a servetta without her morning coffee.
***Bring your own feast gear!!! Especially bowls for stew! Bring your own servetta to wash your feast gear!!!

Activities fall into the following tracks:

Italian Dance: Classes during the day and a Caroso Ball on Saturday afternoon.
Italian Rapier: Killing each other repeatedly with style and panache as only Italians can with a tournament in the afternoon both days
Italian Music: Space outside with shade under a particularly Italian looking grove of trees is available for musicians to jam. If they play non-Italian music, we won’t tell anyone.
Italian Bardic: We have no idea if SCA Bardic activities could be done in Italian style, but if you’d like to show us how it’s done, there is space set aside all weekend, including a fire bowl, for all the bardic you can handle! Come bardic it up!
Italian Scribal Techniques: Space inside on tables in the feast hall is set aside for some focused classes on Italian illumination.
Italian Commedia dell’ Arte: Classes, Shows, a panel of experts, and the first ever International Capitano Tournament!

See the “Activities” page for schedules and details.

Additional useful information:

Parking: Please Troll in and unload from the small parking lot near our cabins. Then take your car to the large parking lot near the Park’s entrance.
Event staff is running a shuttle between the large parking lot and the small parking lot. The primary driver is the noble servant of the people, THL Oliver Sutton. If Octavia is driving, she might talk your ear off. You’ve been warned.
Other lodging possibilities include camping in another location within the state park but very far away because it’s a really big state park using tents, campers, or RVs. For details, please email the Autocrat directly: Donnan MacDubhsidhe via
The closest hotel is about 15 minutes away from site to the north and a cluster of hotels are about 30 minutes away to the south in Steubenville, WV. Capitano Spavento says they are all very excellent inns with magnificent beds.

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is about 37 minutes drive from site according to Dottore Googliano.